Features of C Language


C  Features, C Importance, Characterizes of C

  • C is robust languages which have more than 400 Functions and 45 operators to write any complex program. User need not to develop formula for most commonly tasks.
  • C is a middle level language, which have both features of assembly language as well as high level language and therefore it is useful in both types of programming ( System software./Application software).
  • C program run very fast due to  32 keywords and using address method(pointer facility).
  • It is many times faster than BASIC Language.
  • C is highly portable  Means that Program has ability to run on different Operating. System  Different  Computer and  different Compiler.
  • C language is made of collection of System Functions that are supported by C library.
  • C program is well suited for structured programming . A proper collection of function modules & blocks would make a complete program.
  • It include structure of selection
    (if-else- switch),repletion(while,for,do..while)
  • It is extensible. User can make own functions and make available to other programs.
  • Portability
    Portability is the ability to port or use the software written .
    One computer C program can be reused.
    By modification or no modification.
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