Example of All DataTypes in C  

In C  There are Five basic Primary Data Type  i.e. char, int, folat, double and void

char      a single byte, capable of holding one character in the local character set

int       an integer, typically reflecting the natural size of integers on the host machine

float     single-precision floating point

double    double-precision floating point

void            there is no any value.

The basic type used two type of type qualifiers.

  1. Size qualifiers         short, long
  2. Sign qualifiers        signed, unsigned

Example Program


 OUTPUT of c program  for  All  Basic Data Types in C  

m = -11215

n  = 1234567890

x  = 1.234567880630

x  = 1.234568

y  = 9.876543210000

y  = 9.876543

k = 54321 p = 1.000000 q =1.000000000000

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