Difference between POP and OOP

Difference between POP and OOP



Abbreviations It stands for  Procedural Orientated Programming It stands for Object Orientated Programming
Working Style POP program  follows Top Down approach. OOP follows Bottom Up approach.
Part of Program Program is divided into small parts which is Known as  functions in Pop. program is divided into parts called objects in OOP
Focus on Data & Function POP   is not focus on  data but  functions as well as sequence of actions to be done.  OOP focus on data rather than procedures or functions
Data Moving  Data can move freely from function to function in POP Object can move and communicate with each other through member functions in OOP
Access Specifiers POP does not have any access specifier. OOP have access specifiers like  private, protected, public, etc.
Expansion/Extensibility To add new data and function in POP is not so easy. OOP provides Inheritance facility which can  easy way to add new data and function.
Data Access/Abstraction Most of the  function uses Global data for sharing so that can be accessed freely from one function to another function in the system. In OOP, data can not move easily from one  function to another function, because it can be  delacred  by default in  private so we can control the access of data.
Encapsulation/Data Hiding POP does not have any proper way for  data hide or protect  so it is less secure because all data are global. OOP provides Encapsulation means  Data is hidden means data cover by function so provides more security.
polymorphism/Overloading Polymorphism means Overloading is not possible in POP. In OOP, Polymorphism feature provide overloading  which support single  name of Function and Operator  works with multiple Task which is  Overloading
Examples Example  of POP Language  : C, Pascal,FORTRAN, VB Example of OOP Language : C++,  C#, JAVA,VB.NET,SmallTalk
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