Concatenate two Strings using strcat() in C

In C programming Language Concatenate two strings many ways like using strcat , without using strcat, using UDF , using pointer using array …

here we provide source code of  String Concatenate  in c using strcat  inbuilt function which is in string.h a header file


Different type of definition code

write c program  given two strings  and join using strcat inbuilt function

c program code Concatenate two strings using strcat function

Source code Concatenate two strings using strcat function as well as User Defined Function

write source code join Concatenate strings using strcat function.


Source Code 


Output  String concatenate using strcat function

Enter  String-1  : Micro
Enter  String-2 : Computer

String-1 is : Micro
String-2 is : Computer
Join Two Strings now…
String-1 is  : MicroComputer
String-2 is :  Computer


Program code Explain :

Concatenate two Strings  using strcat function in  C program it is simple to use strcat  inbuilt function which is in header file string.h
strcat function have two string arguments first argument join with second argument

syntax : strcat(string1,string2) 

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