c program of Arithmetic operator

Operator-Symbol        Operator-Name

+                                   Addition                       

–                                    Subtraction 

*                                   Multiplication                               

/                                   Division                  

%                                 Modulo Division

Different Definition of Code

Write a program of given two values from keyboard console device and find addition,subtraction,multiplication,division and modulo value using  Arithmetic operator in c programming language.

Write a program of read two values and find addiiton,subtraction,multiplication,division and modulo  in c.

A program in C language of Arithmetic Operator

Source code

output of program  Arithmetic Operator in c

Enter Value-1 : 15
Enter Value-2 : 5

Sum =  20
Difference = 10
Product = 75
Quotient =  3
Remainder = 0

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