C Program Find Factorial Using Recursion

Recursion :

A recursion is basic of Nesting Function and the concept of nesting function means that a function that calling in another scope ( a body of function)

  A function can calling itself till that the condition became satisfied

  • Recursion is basic of Nesting Function but the difference is that it have same name Function call and auto calling again and again which is depend on some condition
  • Using Recursion a speed of program execution is slow
  • A recursion can be used for small programming
  • It is not suitable for complex and large programming
  • Using Recursion if condition must be required
  • It muse be a have a return statement


Example Program of  Factorial of given number using Recursion   

Output of Factorial using Recursion :

Enter any value
Factorial  of 5 = 120


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